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Ready to engage your Bold Conversation?


P1010952I help you engage the Bold Conversations of your life so you can have a life and work designed around what matters most to you. You experience more joy and ease, you get clear on your decisions and you move through your life with grace and confidence.


As a writer I know what it’s like to dive deep into intimate conversations to extract and publish the golden nuggets in my life. As a serial entrepreneur I know the challenges and rewards of expressing my gifts in the world on my own terms.  And as an explorer, I’ve tasted the freedom that comes from traveling and living outside of my comfort zone, the only place where I can evolve and grow.  I’ve been to these places and as a guide I can help you get on your own path avoiding some of the missteps and moving beyond what you think is possible.


I’ve been inspiring and guiding people for years through my articles and books, blog and speaking engagements, through individual and group sessions. I also invite individuals to join me in Ecuador, my second home, on retreats where they find the support, space and solitude to explore their boldest conversations.

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Are you ready for your Bold Conversation?


If you are, take a look at how we can work together and read below what a few of my clients say about working with me.


Working with Alicia was a valuable, thought provoking experience impacting me both professionally and personally. I’m excited and inspired about future possibilities.


Alicia brings a deep well of wisdom and experience to her practice.


Alicia is an excellent resource for people who have demanding lives and decisions to make for objective and thoughtful insight.


Alicia has a wonderful demeanor that allows her to put you in a comfortable relationship and create the environment that is conducive to being open to her advice and guidance.


Alicia’s amazing insight has helped me to navigate my way through extremely difficult situations. Her deep understanding of human nature, extensive business experience and unique approach to problem solving, have opened my mind to many possibilities and always produce highly successful results. She is an inspiration to me.


Alicia’s intuitive approach allowed me to sort out and focus on what is truly important and make choices that open up new opportunities. I experienced gratifying professional success and increased confidence from working through the process with this talented “wisdom partner.”


Welcome to Bold Conversations.  Here is how we can work together!


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Ecuador: Isla de la Plata

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Ecuador: Tulipe

Ecuador: Mindo

Ecuador: Banos


“We must be brave enough to start a conversation that matters and trust that meaningful conversations can change your world.”

– Margaret Wheatley

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

What is the question you don’t dare ask yourself?

Energy can only flow where there is openness, not tension. Relax.

One radical question is worth more than a thousand uninspired answers.

We are not born fearful. We inherit it from others.

Go do the thing you need to do to be the fullest expression of yourself.

The story we tell becomes the life that we create.

Life takes you where you need to go, not necessarily where you thought you would go. Be open to the possibilities.